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The Website for EGBOSA in North America is Now Live!

The website for alumni of Gandaki Boarding School living in North America is now live!

The newly created website for the Alumni Association of Gandaki Boarding School is officially open to begin taking members on the occasion of the school’s foundation day.

If you are a Gandakian, we know there’s a special place in our heart for GBS and nobody knows that brotherhood and sisterhood feeling better than the Alumni Association does. The Ex-Gandaki Boarding Students’ Association (EGBOSA), invites all members of the GBS family—alumni, current students, parents, and friends—to connect with the GBS’s alumni community. This powerful network of doers spans the globe and includes virtually every profession. Here, you’ll find the events, ideas, and resources that matter to you.

The Alumni Association, which has different kinds of membership, helps connect Ex- Gandakians, as well as helps inspire, grow and give back to the school. It helps create meaningful networking, professional and volunteer opportunities that engage and reconnect alumni with one another, the school, and your profession. Likewise, the Alumni Association has also worked on and continues to work on several service projects.

More information on the Alumni Association can be found on the newly launched website.

Do, take a look around and browse., become a member today! 🙂

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