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Careers at MIT- NPL


First of all, why not? But also for the following reasons.

You will be working with like minded people that deeply care about your success.
We will cherish you being a part of our team, and we hope to earn your trust when you become a part of us. Our mission is to know what you’re good at, understand your problems and provide you with an optimal team of consultant developers, designers and technologists.

It also means the commitment to keep you satisfied whilst getting better and be abreast of industry trends in building the greatest possible digital experiences.


Laravel/ Vue js Developer

Design and Develop Web applications using the Laravel Framework . Check it out!

wordpress developer

Back-end and Front-end development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins. ​ Check out the position!

Creative Graphic Designer

Create eye-catching visuals and will need to be creative, flexible and able to work well with others. Motion graphics preferred. ​ Check out the position!

Front end Developer React JS

Front End developer, proficient with React.js and having quick problem solving skills. Check it out!

Creative Content Writer

Passionate and creative writer having a good command over the language. Check it out!

UI/UX Designer

Talented, innovative and creative UI/UX designer who can deliver software solutions using the latest technologies and frameworks. Apply now!

We feel like we do great work

We can talk around it, but at the end of the day this is why we want to hire you. We come to work every day (not literally of course — not weekends or holidays or whatever, but you get the idea) to create something.

Hopefully something great. We love what we do and think you might as well. It’d be worth a try!

What is great work?

Great work has a purpose, it solves a problem, it creates ways for people to connect. If it wins awards or if other people think it’s cool then that’s nice, we guess, but that’s not why we do it. We do it because it has impact, it helps someone, it makes their lives easier or better or just more fun.

Who we work with

We work on our in-house projects; projects that we are deeply passionate about and we also work with industry leaders and startups with big dreams. Our clients are transforming transportation, news, payments, entertainment, communication, fashion, and so on and so on. And we’re here with them every step of the way.

How we are growing

Mandala IT has exponentially increased in size since the year we founded the Company in 2018, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. We’ve done this without sacrificing culture or quality.

Do great work in a strong culture

Culture is one of those words. People throw it around a lot. It’s hard to define exactly what it is. But it’s something you feel pretty much straight away.

We’re not going to lie. The culture at Mandala IT isn’t perfect. Like every group of people we have our issues. But we are all dedicated to continuing to improve, and we think that’s a pretty good start.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions?

We’ve got answers.

Here are some of the things that people tend to ask us about frequently.

Before you send us your question you may want to read through these first.

Can I work remote?

Yes! For most roles, Mandala IT is agnostic when it comes to location as long as you can work during the working hours: 10am-5:30 pm but it would largely depend on the job position, your responsibilities and your communication skills.

Can I freelance with you?

That is not an option at the moment as we prefer our team to work with us full time but we’re considerate and flexible with students and we might be able to make exceptions if you have just the kind of skill set that we’re looking for.

You can send your resume/ portfolio to [email protected]. We can’t reply to everyone but if we see a potential fit we will reach out.

Can I join Mandala IT as an intern?

That depends on when you are reading this. We sometimes takes on interns, and when we do they are listed at the middle of this page.

If you don’t see an open intern role there, then we don’t have anything open at the moment.

Can I just come in for a coffee and chat?

We’ve closed off our physical office for a while because of Covid. Like the rest of the Country, we are following progress intently but right now our best guess is we won’t be returning to our offices until the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Got a project? Let’s talk!